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Sport @ DNC

We ensure that there is balance for our students between Academics as well as Sport and Culture – There’s a sport for everyone

Our aim with the sports programs at Durban North College is order to encourage the holistic development of every pupil and we therefore motivate Students to participate in some form of sport in order to:

  • Improve basic physical, motor and fitness abilities & extend the range of experiences in physical activity
  • Promote the development of a healthy lifestyle
  • Improve the development of certain life skills such as respect, honesty and sportsmanship
  • Promote social development such as working as a group to reach certain goals, leadership and tolerance
  • Improve emotional development (self-esteem, self-worth, self-motivation) while experiencing joy, optimal participation and good sporting behavior

DNC has an outstanding record of extra-mural excellence and participation and continues to triumph in and develop traditional sports like Athletics, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Swimming and Cross Country.

We encourage broad participation allowing opportunities for all pupils.

At DNC pride ourselves on encouraging team spirit both on and off of the field.

We have sports all year round to encourage students to be physically active.

Below is a list of sports that we offer:

  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Hockey (Boys & Girls)
  • Indoor Hockey (Boys & Girls)
  • Netball
  • Action Netball (Boys & Girls)
  • Chess
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer (Boys & Girls)
  • Golf
  • Water Polo

Rugby @ DNC

Durban-Noord Kollege is trots op die feit dat hulle wonderlike rugby afrigters het. Die afrigters gee 100% van hul tyd en kennis om seker te maak dat die leerlinge te alle tye net die beste ontvang en die resultate kan gesien word in hul wedstryde. Rugby is vanaf Graad 5 tot 12.

Soccer @ DNC

Durban North College students both girls and boys love soccer. We have teams in the primary and high school and take part in several tournaments such as the Kloof Soccer Tournament (Biggest school tournament for soccer in South Africa) each year.

Netball @ DNC


In die JP fase word die dogters gedurende Gr. 1 en 2 die basiese spel van netbal geleer.

Vanaf Gr. 3 speel hulle wedstryde en toernooie teen plaaslike skole.


Vanaf Gr.4-7 word daar veldnetbal gedurende die tweede kwartaal gespeel.

Daar word wedstryde en toernooie gespeel teen plaaslike skole. Proewe vind plaas en speelsters word dan gekies vir sone- en KZN-spanne.

Indien daar genoeg dogters is wat belangstel, word aksienetbal ook gespeel gedurende die jaar.


Daar is netbal in alle ouderdomsgroepe in die hoërskool en ons meisies dring ook gereeld deur na die sone- en KZN-spanne. Daar word ook deelgeneem aan aksienetbal gedurende die jaar.

Hockey @ DNC

Indoor and Field Hockey is played by both girls and boys.


Hokkie-onderrig geskied in die derde kwartaal en wedstryde word gespeel vanaf Gr. 3 deur beide seuns en dogters. Verskeie hokkie-toernooie word gedurende die seisoen gespeel.


Die hokkie-seisoen vind plaas in die 3de kwartaal. Hokkie proewe vind plaas in die tweede kwartaal vir sone-spanne en KZN-spanne.


Hokkie word gedurende die derde kwartaal gespeel deur beide seuns en dogters. Dogters speel ook binnemuurse hokkie gedurende die jaar.

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.”
―Carol Welch

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