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Letter to Parents / Guardians from the Principal


Mev. M.M. Höbel
School Principal


Dear Parents / Guardians,

Thank you for your interest in seeking admission for your child at Durban North College. Please find below the download links for the application form for completion. The completed application form and all relevant documentation should be hand delivered to the school as soon as possible.

The Management, Teachers, Administrative Staff and Members of the Governing Body work tirelessly to uphold the name of the school and build on the high standard of education, discipline and creating opportunities for each child to help find their purpose and grow.
It is important to note that the school receives substantially more applications than the number of pupils which can ultimately be accommodated.

Whilst each application will be considered individually it is important to note the following:

Completion of the application form does not constitute reserving a position for your child;

Every effort will be made to expedite the admission process, however the school reserves the right to forward a written notification of the status of the application to parents by no later than the end of the third term;

You and your child could be required to attend an interview at the school;

If your child attends a pre-primary school in the Durban North area, this does not automatically guarantee entrance into Durban North College;

If you have a child currently at Durban North College, this does not automatically guarantee entrance for a sibling to attend the school;

If Durban North College is not the nearest state school to your place of residence, we strongly advise that you make application to your nearest state school (in addition to this application), in order to ensure securing a position for your child in 2019.


Please note that children cannot move into the area to live with unrelated people, in order to seek admission to Durban North College.
We look forward to processing your child’s application and thank you for the interest shown in Durban North College.

Yours faithfully,




Documents to Apply for Admission:


Durban North College Admissions Policy

Application Form - ENGLISH  

Toelatingsvorm - AFRIKAANS



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