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Passionate participation is paramount at Durban North College and learners are encouraged to develop their own unique talents and interests. The aspect of cultural awareness and appreciation is deepened through the wide diversity of extra-mural activities and social clubs that DNC offers.


Groups and societies include:

  • SCA
  • Choir
  • Debating
  • Drama
  • Hikes
  • Dancing
  • Ballet


Kultuuraktiwiteite by Durban-Noord Kollege:

  • CSV
  • Koor
  • Debat
  • Drama
  • Staptoere
  • Dans
  • Ballet
  • ATKV



We have a fantastik Junior Primary, Senior Primary and a High school choir . We practice throughout the year to take part in a variety of events throughout the year.

Ons wissel elke jaar af tussen twee groot geleenthede – een jaar ‘n musiekproduksie en die ander jaar ‘n musiekaand. Tydens hierdie geleenthede wys ons ook ons solo-talent af.

Our most successful play was called “Ramahlahla and Julia” – a musical that was enjoyed by both learners and the audience. The choir allows learners to explore their creative side and to have great fun at the same time.


A debate is, basically, an argument. That is not to say that it is an undisciplined shouting match between parties that passionately believe in a particular point of view. In fact the opposite is true. Debating has strict rules of conduct and quite sophisticated arguing techniques and you will often be in a position where you will have to argue the opposite of what you believe in.

A debating program was started in 2010. We have a debating society meeting once a term for the first three terms of the year.

Ons neem deel aan debatte teen ander skole. Hier is jou kans om jou sê te sê!

Speaking your mind is the name of the game in this debating society!

The debating society at DNC consists of a number of dedicated and passionate members. Both our junior and senior teams fiercely compete in Regional and National competitions







The English Department takes the matrics to an annual production of their set drama, normally performed at the Playhouse Theatre.


Kultuuraande of dae vind plaas gedurende die jaar waartydens ons die verskillende kulture van ons skool beter kan leer ken en verstaan.



PACE – Performing Arts Centre and Dance Barre - offers a variety of dance styles, including ; Hip Hop, Modern, Musical Theatre ( Vocal, Mime and Dance), Tap, Ballet, Technical training, Acro and Contemporary to boys and girls from age 4 and upwards.

Offering an annual Show, Exams, Performance Medals, and competitions .

Our teachers are qualified in all styles and classes are structured according to ability and age, giving pupils individual attention.

Dance Barre was established in 1999 and the studio is now in their amazing new home situated at Durban North College.

"Pace" yourself in the rhythm of dance !

Benefits of dance :

Dance has many benefits for the growing child for example : improved discipline, focus self-esteem and confidence It improves flexibility, strength and stamina.
Regular classes will also assist in the improvement of muscle tone, posture ,balance , co-ordination and health.





Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher “Igniting a Passion for Dance"

Ballet is: 

  • Fun
  • Develops self-esteem and confidence
  • Develops co-ordination and strong flexible bodies
  • Teaches discipline
  • The best foundation to all forms of dance

Classes are held weekly at Durban North College

RAD based classes and exams Pre-Primary

Intermediate Participation in American Performance Awards

For Enquiries contact:
Catherine Brown
Cell: 0836298074
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Die ATKV Woeker Jeugtak by DNK is 'n span dinamiese jong mense.

Die ATKV se jeugtakke regoor Suid-Afrika het sterk, jong stemme wat 'n groot bydrae in hulle gemeenskappe lewer. Hulle doen gemeenskapswerk en bevorder Afrikaans.
Dit is 'n inklusiewe klomp jongmense wat enigeen wat betrokke wil raak met ope arms verwelkom.






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